Pro-Life Victoria Newspaper Correspondence

The following is a letter which Denise Cameron, the President of Pro-Life Victoria, wrote to the press before a bill was unfortunately passed by the Victorian Parliament outlawing protests outside the state’s abortion clinics.

Dear Letters Editor,

Millions of people the world over have watched the video image of a woman clinging to a window ledge in an attempts to escape the horror of the terrorist massacre in Paris’s Bataclan theatre. Only now have we heard what she called out. ” I am pregnant”. What she meant was, she was having a baby. Immediately a hand reached out and dragged her up and through the window to safety.

Next Tuesday forty men and women in Victoria’s Legislative Council will vote for or against an exclusion zone around the state’s abortion facilities. Labor Party members don’t have a conscience vote. If it resembles the debate in the Legislative Assembly, misinformation will spread and nonsense spoken suggesting the presence of The Helpers of God’s Precious Infants outside the Fertility Control Clinic is akin to domestic violence. The reality is these Helpers are doing just what that hand that reached out of Bataclan did. They offer their hands to pregnant women. Have a heart Premier Andrews. Allow your MP’s a free vote so these hands may continue to reach out and rescue pregnant women and babies from the horror of abortion.

Denise M Cameron
Pro Life Victoria (Inc)